Computer Security - The Problem

There are three main areas of concern when considering computer security.


If you open an email attachment from someone you do not know, or download software from the internet it is possible that a virus will infect your computer."


Some viruses are more mischievous than harmful, whilst others can stop your computer from working.

Identity Theft

If you shop or bank online then it is possible for hackers to steal your financial and personal details.


If your broadband connection is not secure it is possible for criminals to watch the sensitive information you are inputting into your computer.

Data Loss

Computer hard drives do not last forever, they can fail after a few years with the loss of all your data.


If you computer is stolen, or your laptop is accidentally damaged then you may lose all your data, which could include treasured memories in the form of photographs and music.


Computer Security - The Solutions


AVG Internet Security 2014

Protect yourself from viruses and identity theft.

Luckily there are solutions available to protect yourself.


To protect yourself from viruses, you need an anti virus program. Basic ones are free, but if you need added protection then I recommend that you use a premium virus program.


The one that I recommend is from AVG. Their premium anti virus program protects you from downloaded viruses, email viruses, identity theft and spam.


You can try the program out free for 30 days.

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Protect your information

If your computer is lost, stolen or breaks down, have you made a back up of all your information?


To protect yourself and the memories contained in your pictures, music and documents it is essential that you back them up.


An easy way to back up is to connect an external disk drive to your computer and regularly copy all the contents of your document folder to this drive.


Unfortunately on its own an external drive may not ensure that your information is 100% safe. The worse case scenario is if your home is flooded or there is a fire. This may mean that both your computer and your external drive are ruined.


If you are robbed then the thief may take both your computer and the external drive.


The solution is to back up your data online. There are many back up services available. the one that I recommend is Backblaze who provide unlimited back ups.

I recommend that you use both an external drive and an online back up service. In this way you are covered for all eventualities.

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