Steve Williamson, your Lancashire computer expert

Computer Services

Steve Williamson is your local computer expert based in Clitheroe, Lancashire.

Whatever your computer support needs  I can help.

PC and Mac Computers

* Fixed

* Secured

* Backed Up

* Upgraded

* Networked

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Healthcheck and Tune Up

Is your computer slow? A health check and tune up is essential maintenance to keep your computer running fast and efficiently.


Book your health check today by calling 07564 240829


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Computer security

Protect your computer and your information from being lost or stolen.


Learn vital information to keep you and your families information safe from hackers and malicious software.

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Protect your Memories

You probably have lots of precious memories stored on your computer in the form of pictures, music and documents. What would happen if your computer broke down?


You may already back up your information to an external drive or USB memory stick, but this may not be enough. If there is a fire or flood both your computer and back up devices may be damaged. If a burglar enters your house he will probably steal your computer and your back up.


The best way to protect yourself is to use an online back up service that stores your previous information away from your home or business.

Steve Williamson recommends Backblaze as your online storage and back up solution.  Backblaze works seamlessly in the background, backing up all your files as they are created or edited. You can try out Backblaze free for 30 days.

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AVG Internet Security 2014

Protect yourself from viruses and identity theft.

It is vital to protect yourself when on the internet or receiving emails. Unfortunately there are people out there who want to disrupt your computer experience. There are thousands of Viruses can harm your computer.


If you bank or shop online then there are people who want to steal your financial identity to steal money or obtain goods using your personal details.


It is vital that you protect yourself from viruses, spyware and malware that threaten your experience on the internet,


The one that is recommended by Steve Williamson. is AVG anti virus. Their premium protection keeps you safe from attacks and identity theft. A free 30 day trial is available for you to try it out.

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Hi, I'm Steve Williamson and am based in Waddington, near Clitheroe, Lancashire. I have been supporting the computer needs of local businesses and individuals for a number of years.

Computer Security

I specialise in computer security and can advise you on the best back up and virus protection solutions.

No fix no fee

I operate a no fix no fee policy. This means that if you have a computer problem that I cannot fix, then you will not be charged.

I come to you

Most work can be carried out at your home or workplace. This means that your computer can be quickly fixed.

Health check and tune up

The best way to get to know me and my service is to book a computer health check and tune up. This is essential to keep your system running fast and efficiently. It also reveals any security holes in your computer that need fixing. It costs only £30 and is done at your home or workplace.

If you need any help call me on 07564 240829